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Premium Studio Lighting Equipment for Photography

Since 1948, Multiblitz is driven to build the best lighting equipment for professional photography. Multiblitz USA is continuing a 65 years lasting tradition of providing German engineered lighting equipment for professional photographers and emerging amateurs. As one of the most experienced studio lighting manufacturers, Multiblitz delivers high quality photography equipment and customer service to photographers in America.

Profilux Studio Lights

The Profilux Studio Flash Units are designed for the aspiring amateur or the emerging professional, who is taking the challenging step into professional photography. The Profilux studio flash is a compact monolight strobe with 250 or 500 Ws flash energy, 5 f-stops, and lightweight POCAN® construction. Be it at home or in your photo studio, Profilux studio flash units are built to deliver a premium photographic lighting experience. They are particularly suited for school, senior & newborn photography.

Profilux Plus Battery Powered Monolights

These battery powered flash units (TIPA Award winner 2010) are geared towards the needs of professional photographers around the world. The multi-voltage power supply guarantees worldwide usability. Up to 800 Ws and 8 f-stops make the Profilux Plus a must-have studio light in all aspects of film and digital photography. Be it in fashion, portrait or wedding photography: The Profilux Plus monolight strobe creates one of the most consistent color temperature profiles and light in photography. In combination with Multiblitz's Propac DC power packs for on-location shoots, the Profilux Plus battery powered studio light becomes the top choice for the high standards of professional photography lighting. Be it on location shoots or in the photo studio! In addition to the 2 monolight Profilux Plus Lighting Kit, we also offer a 1 light-&-battery On-Location Lighting Kit.

X10 AC/DC High Speed Studio Lights

A game changer among modern photography equipment, the X10 AC/DC 1000 Ws battery powered high-speed studio light is the perfect monolight for advertising & commercial photography, as well as photography lighting in fashion. 1000 Ws flash output, extremely short flash durations of 1/4000 s, and quick recycle times as low as 0.05 seconds guarantee freeze action photography without blur.

Light Modifiers

Our constantly growing selection of high-quality light modifiers and photography equipment includes must-haves like a 3-in-1 Beauty Dish soft light reflector (w/center deflector, honeycomb, soft screen), the Multiblitz 3 ft. Glamour Lighting Octabox, a 12" x 48" Strip Light Softbox, a Fresnel Spot adapter, and a Snoot with honeycomb inset.

BD Seamless Photography Backgrounds

We offer BD Company / Savage seamless backgrounds in 49 colors and 2 sizes. Multiblitz and the BD company have a long mutual history in the industry, and we are thrilled that we have expanded this collaboration to North America.

Buy with Confidence - Multiblitz 3 Years Warranty

Multiblitz is your premium alternative to overpriced photography equipment brands and cheap Asian imports. Buy with confidence with Multiblitz’s 3 years manufacturer’s warranty on any studio light and battery pack. In the case you want to find some tips & techniques about photography equipment & photography lighting, visit our Multiblitz - In The Flash blog.

Battery Powered Studio Lights On Location

Multilbiitz Profilux Plus Logo
Multilbiitz Profilux Plus - Battery Operable Studio Light

The Profilux Plus award winning and battery powered studio light offers a lot more than other available photography lighting systems when it comes to functionality, reliability, and design. Over 65 years of experience in developing the most reliable studio lighting equipment, led to a class of studio lights that is capable of meeting all challenges of providing outstanding lighting for photography - in the photo studio or on-location. Multiblitz combined state-of-the-art technology with innovation and reliability to create a monolight strobe that is easy to use and always delivers. Profilux Plus studio lights are available with 200, 400, or 800 Ws. Featuring 7 f-stops in 1/10 increments (800Ws version: 8 f-stops) with flash output control between 3 and 800 Ws. Short flash durations and quick recycle times guarantee a smooth workflow. The built-in multi-voltage technology allows operating voltages between 100V and 240 V. This allows worldwide usage of the Profilux Plus strobe, be it in the photo studio or on location when battery powered with the Multiblitz Propac battery packs. The vast voltage range provides protection from voltage spikes, and guarantees consistent performance. The straightforward designed control panel features a digital display with infinite output control dial and illuminated push buttons to guarantee intuitive operation in any situation. (Starting at $599.-/Profilux Plus 200 Studio Light)

State-of-the-Art Technology + Contemporary Design + 3 Years Warranty

Photography Lighting Equipment for Professionals

Multiblitz - Made in Germany